Quickfit joint adhesive plate


With the help of the patent-pending joint adhesive plate from Aerolux, a pleated blind can easily be glued into almost every glazing bead in a window.


In contrast to other adhesive solutions, the joint adhesive plate works with two legs and a flexible joint, whereby the plate can be adapted to the respective glazing bead and achieves a significantly higher adhesive strength.

Fitted precisely and can be removed without a trace at any time, the joint adhesive plate enable comfortable and visually appealing use for various pleated blind systems.



Contrary to fixing brackets of other manufacturers we fit the AEROLUX Quickfit fixing brackets with patented sealing pads.


These are attached to the back of the fixing brackets and avoid hollow spaces in the rubber sealing of the window which otherwise are formed, when tightening the brackets. Our sealing pads make sure the insulation remains intact. This is an important factor in the thermal insulation of the window.


Nowadays energy efficiency and protection of our environment are important issues. As part of AEROLUX continuous efforts in optimizing our products we asked the independent research institute ifb in Rosenheim to conduct an air permeability test on our brackets. Tests were done and the results showed that two fixing brackets without sealings pads reduce the insulation of the window by as much as 50%.


In a room of 20 square meters with 2 windows there would be a complete exchange of air within 24 hours and this with the windows being quite apparently closed! As a consequence there would be a noticeable draught of air and a drop in room temperature. This effect is corrected if our Quickfit fixing brackets are used.

Adhesive carrier


In today's world, everything should become easier and more convenient. What could be than more obvious than installing sun and sight protection without tools? Aerolux has further developed this idea in handling and design.


Gluing is the ideal solution for attaching Blinds, Pleated Blinds and Roller Blinds to plastic window frames and turn / tilt windows.

Installation is child's play in just a few steps. After cleaning the surface and measuring the distances, the carrier is glued to the desired location. If the drying time is observed, sun and privacy protection can be attached.

Thanks to the professional glue, the adhesive holds securely and in long-term. The brackets can be removed again, without leaving adhesive residue or damage on the window frame.