Semi-automatic systems

Sun and sight protection is a major issue in modern architecture. AEROLUX knows about the latest trends, but also about the requirements of its longstanding customers. That’s why – additionally to individual solutions for special requirements – we are continually optimizing our traditional and well-proven systems and components. In this case roller blinds and pleated roller blinds add a plus to comfort and user-friendliness – the semi-automatic operation.


A special mechanism makes sure that the blind is rolling up slowly and evenly. You operate the semi-automatic mechanism by a side winder which can be mounted either on the left or right side. It can be stopped in any position. There is a range of possible tube widths of up to 2.0 meters and of roller heights of up to 2.5 meters, so that even large-sized windows can be highlighted representatively and enough room is left for creative ideas.

Semi-automatic roller blinds by Aerolux
Roman roller blinds

The semi-automatic mechanism is operated by a side winder that can be mounted optionally on the left or right side. You pull up the blind manually, then a short pull will loosen the brake and the blind is slowly gliding down controlled by the semi-automatic mechanism. Automatically and very conveniently. Also here the mechanism can be stopped in any position. For a height of up to 3.0 meters, the semi-automatic Roman roller blinds can have a fabric maximum weight of 7.0 kg.

Semi-automatic Roman roller blinds by Aerolux